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I'd describe myself as a "Finance IT Consultant", currently specialising in Enterprise Performance Management related Finance Systems (e.g. Oracle Hyperion EPM Suite).

Since 2004 I've been predominantly working in three areas :-
  1. Oracle Hyperion Infrastructure - For example 11.1.2.x Installation, Upgrade, Patching or Environment Reviews of Planning, HFM, Workspace, FDM, HSF, HPCM, DRM, EPMA, etc.
  2. Oracle Hyperion Data Integration - FDM, ODI, ERPi and classic load rules & SQL to get data into or between elemens of teh EPM suite.
  3. Oracle Master Data (DRM Certified Impl Specialist) - I've worked with DRM since it was called MDM and have integrated it with EBS and Fusion along with extensive Batch Client scripting work.
Initially the above was with ReportSource who were acquired by Deloitte in 2010 (hence I became a Deloitte Manager). I was promoted to Senior Manager in charge of EPM Technical Delivery before leaving Deloitte in July 2011 to become Senior Principal Architect for Edgewater Ranzal. In October 2012 I was promoted to become the UK Infrastructure and Data Practice Manager for the UK.
Prior to all that I had focused on Software Configuration Management (SCM) and IT Environment Management. This involved tasks as diverse as creating automated minimum-build scripts and control mechanisms (e.g. SubVersion+Ant) for the Vodafone.co.uk website, through to managing what parts of the BA World Cargo centre real-time equipment were controlled by Dev, Test or Prod Tru64 Unix servers.
All of the above have utilised my wide, yet deep technical knowledge that includes:-
  • Oracle DBA
  • Unix Sys Admin
  • Windows Sys Admin
  • Network admin
  • VMWare ESX Admin
  • Software Development & Build/Deploy 
Even further back I had a 14 year career at BT that took me from BT Engineer (apprenticeship) through to systems integration of one of the first distributed Unix solutions (collecting per-second metering information).
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I'm originally from Tynemouth (a posh Geordie!) but we initially set up home in North Walbottle (western edge of Newcastle) before relocating to the East Midlands (due to working in Nottingham).

In 2000 we moved from Grantham to a lovely village nearer Newark. Great road links North & South on the A1, and East & West via A52. We also have the choice of Grantham or Newark East Coast Mainline stations (Great service - Kings-X in 1hr 10m).

I was Director of my own Ltd Co. for 12 years, doing all sorts of IT from managing & supporting the BA World Cargo IT Systems, through to Hyperion System9 upgrade at BT.

I've always loved gadgets (even before they became trendy and had an 'i' prefix!). My main hobby is reading/watching Sci-Fi/Fantasy.
Favourites include new Battlestar Galactica, 4400, Wheel of Time, Painted Man (Peter Brett)

During my time at BT I led a small team of apprentices team that won the Marketing Institute award in the 1983 Young Engineer for Great Britain for my design of an Ultrasonic reversing (beep beep...) alarm for the back of vehicles. Something that is now common on many vehicles though we never did go on to patent the idea and hence never made a bean from it. Such is life.

Reference - For those too young to remember the Dukes of Hazard and hence who Boss Hogg was

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