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After 20mth at Ranzal

posted 8 Mar 2013, 06:42 by Dave Hogg   [ updated 28 Oct 2019, 06:28 ]

Again time flies!...
It has been a bit of a blur but somewhere in there I managed to achieve promotion to Practice Manager lookign after the UK Infrastructure and Data (Integration+Master Data) practice.
The work has been nice and varied, DRM automation work one week, followed by upgrades, then back to patching and tidying up FDM! Variety is the spice of life as they say!
Oracle's ever moving Patch situation has kept me on my toes, for example this new Essbase patch stopped FR studio connecting (so you have to get the brand new FR Fun, fun, fun all the way!

After 8mth at Ranzal

posted 16 Mar 2012, 06:24 by Dave Hogg

Time flies when your having fun, or in my case mega busy!
There is a huge amount of work, given I'm on several client projects and covering off diverse areas like Infrastructre, FDM, DRM and general integration & automation.
  • On the DRM side I've hooked it up to Oracle eBS (R12) so it can now manage the CoA for one of our major FSI clients, and will soon be hooking it up to Oracle Fusion at the same place to act as a single source of the truth.
  • On the Infrastructure side I've installed a few mor multi-server environments (RA Framework, Planning, HPCM, DRM, FDM, Essbase), along with the latest patches. All nice and stable (apart from EPMA of course!)
  • For the same FSI client I've created an FDM app that automatically Maps eBS R11 GL Trial Balance (400K+ rows per period!), to R12 and loads them into an ASO reporting cube.
I've just come back from Prague, attending the Infratects Top Gun event which was great. Good insite into the Oracle release from Kash Mohammadi (VP Oracle Dev), and great to meet up with a lot of the guys I've worked with in the past like John Pegrum, Phil Nobel,  John Goodwin, Andy Taylor & James McElhone to name but a few!

After 3m at Ranzal

posted 19 Oct 2011, 11:13 by Dave Hogg

Settled into new role which is busy as ever (busy = good). Lots of interesting technical challenges, including...
  • Install of EPM
  • Creation of a EPM11.1.2.1 VM using Oracle 11gR2 and Compact Deployment
  • Getting to grips with the new DRM (web based)
  • Manageing EBS hierarchies using DRM and the GL Template
  • FDM
  • Technical Environment Evaluations & Performance tuning
All good stuff, and working with a good experienced team (most of which I've worked with over the years at Reportsouce and Deloitte anyway).

The UK Ranzal team is growing apace, and we are using some trusty associates to help with the workload.

Had a couple of trips out to Cape Town, and spent the majority of the rest of the time working from home! Good job I sorted out my internal home phone wiring so that broadband is now maintaining 8Mb connection and 6Mb+ throughput!

Goodbye Deloitte, Hello Ranzal

posted 8 Jul 2011, 06:50 by Dave Hogg

Last Day at Deloitte. Parting is sweet sorrow someone wrote, and I am sad to be leaving behind a lot of good people that I've worked with over the years. I'm not however at all sad about leaving the beurocracy, compliance, Perf Mgmt or the likes behind!

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