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After 3m at Ranzal

posted 19 Oct 2011, 11:13 by Dave Hogg
Settled into new role which is busy as ever (busy = good). Lots of interesting technical challenges, including...
  • Install of EPM
  • Creation of a EPM11.1.2.1 VM using Oracle 11gR2 and Compact Deployment
  • Getting to grips with the new DRM (web based)
  • Manageing EBS hierarchies using DRM and the GL Template
  • FDM
  • Technical Environment Evaluations & Performance tuning
All good stuff, and working with a good experienced team (most of which I've worked with over the years at Reportsouce and Deloitte anyway).

The UK Ranzal team is growing apace, and we are using some trusty associates to help with the workload.

Had a couple of trips out to Cape Town, and spent the majority of the rest of the time working from home! Good job I sorted out my internal home phone wiring so that broadband is now maintaining 8Mb connection and 6Mb+ throughput!